Marie Floryan 1T9+PEY


I work with the Mech Club team to ensure all events and initiatives are running smoothly, and I work with the MIE Undergraduate faculty on larger matters.

I’ve been apart of a bunch of clubs: EAA Exec, Class Rep, Blue and Gold Committee, Frosh Week, etc. I also love reading on random benches around campus, drinking excessive amounts of bubble tea, and trying new sports (currently I’m really into squash and innertube waterpolo)! #MechEngBestEng

Phil Cuvin 2T2

Communication Exec

I serve as the liaison between Mech Club and the Mech community. I also maintain Mech Club’s social media accounts.

I enjoy reading and playing tennis (both table and regular). I also take part in a few clubs other than Mech Club.

Sumyung Jang 2T1+PEY

Academic Adviser

I compile all useful information for academics such as previous exams & solutions, strive to improve courses and officially implement midterm evaluations.

I am also the operations officer for a newly founded club called UofT Design League that holds designathons. On a side note, I am motivated around half the times, so you might often catch me sleeping at Gerstein.

Liza Dmitrieva 2T2

Common Room Director

I’m currently working on renovating the common room in time for F!Week – and will be organizing events throughout the rest of the year!

I’m really good at both procrastinating and opening twenty tabs I forget about… which is what happened when they said “just describe yourself in a sentence for this Google Form” – other talents include a bit of art and knowing where and when obscure event x is happening

Diana Bermas 2T2

Mentorship Director

I plan events that introduce incoming students to upper years, providing them with a guide throughout their first year of University.

Hey! My name is Diana Bermas and I’m going into my second year of mechanical engineering. This year I plan to be more involved in the Skule community. Thus, I will be participating in F!rosh Week as a leedur. You’ll probably see me in the Pit a lot this year as I am a sales associate for the Engineering Stores. Don’t be afraid to say “hi” if you catch me in the halls! 🙂

Minnie Menezes 2T2

Mech 2nd Year Representative

I take the community’s ideas/complaints/comments/etc. and turn them into actions, all the while hosting events for social gatherings or even to help with technical skills to bring the Mech community closer.
I am also part of the exec team of the Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering (CUBE) this year as the BioMedical Engineering Competition (BMEC) Director, where I’ll be organizing and running a weekend-long design competition and participating in all other CUBE events.

Yesim Barista 1T9+PEY

4th Year Representative

As 4th year rep, I advocate for the academic needs of my class and organize socials.
I’ve been involved in a bunch of clubs: EAA, Mech Club, Design Team Association, Frosh Week, etc.! I also love playing volleyball!

Christine Yaromich 2T1


I manage the website and other online platforms. If you see anything on the website that is wrong, please let me know, I would appreciate it alot!

I lead the UofT squash club and I put the pro in procrastination.

Chandula Jayasinghe 2T2


Mental Health and Wellness Director

I hold mental health and wellness events to ensure all peeps are de-stressed throughout the year and are enjoying their time at UofT.

I play basketball and soccer. I’m also part of the UofT formula racing team, so basically I love cars.